Sustainable cultivation


At Mellantas, we invest a great deal of time and effort in sustainability. We are not only concerned with the perfect taste, colour and shape of the cucumber, but also with our environment. 
Pests are combated biologically with 'natural enemies', while we also reduce energy and gas consumption and CO2 emissions, use recyclable packaging, integrated cultivation methods and energy-efficient LED lighting in the packaging area.

Energy, delivery time and organic crop protection

Organic crop protection
By checking for possible threats of insecticides on a weekly basis, we remain on top of the insects and pests. This allows us to act quickly and deploy natural predators in the event of an increase. Natural predators come in small bags that we attach to the plants. Our greenhouses are protected with wire netting, resulting in a 65% decrease in the use of insecticides. We will also focus on biological agents if we need to combat a pest. Targeted spraying helps us work towards producing cucumbers that are residue-free.

The premises are heated by three power systems. The majority of the heat is produced by two natural gas-fired CHPs. Any residual heat demand is handled by a boiler. Our CHPs can generate enough electricity for 3000 households and we can use the carbon in the exhaust fumes in our greenhouse. 

The boiler is only used when the demand for heat is exceptionally high. Since we started working according to the basic principles of ‘Het Nieuwe Telen’ [New Way of Cultivation] a few years ago, our energy consumption has decreased by 25%.

Product quality
We always ensure that we can deliver the best-quality products. After the harvest, the cucumbers are prepared for transport as quickly as possible to ensure they stay fresh and keep for longer. Our cucumbers are packed in boxes, flow pack wrappers or recyclable packaging. This allows us to offer our customers a wide range of products that guarantees fresh produce and a long shelf life.
Because we are Planet Proof and Global GAP, GRASP, QS and Waitrose certified, we meet the highest standards in the field of hygiene, food safety and quality.